Deluxe Fibreglass

UTE Canopy

A multi-function canopy that can suit everyone’s lifestyle, the Spartan Canopy not only provides strength and security, but also styling to suit each individual model. 

Strong & Lightweight

Made with 3 layered fibreglass reinforced composite.


Two point locking high quality handle with key set.

Versatile Windows

Tinted glass and keyed alike options for sliding or lifting.

Colour Matched

All canopies are custom painted to match the colour code on the car.

  • Spoiler with LED Brakelight
  • Lockable Glass Rear Window
  • Fixed Black Roof Rails
  • Automotive Carpet Lining
  • LED Cabin Light
  • Water Resistant Bed Seal
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Rear Lifting Window

Heavy Duty and Smooth

Heavy duty hand laid fibreglass shell with a smooth finish.

Locking System

Comes with heavy duty locking system.

Window Options

Comes with option to choose window on either sides.

Roof Support

Ribbed roof to support 300kg carrying capacity.

  • Self-draining non-skid deck
  • Pressed metal galvanised mudguards
  • Adjustable tube receiver
  • Optional heavy duty side steps
  • Ladder Rack
  • Aluminium tube headboard frame
  • Interlocking sides
  • Optional water tanks and storage

Universal Tradesman

UTE Canopy

A heavy duty and robust canopy to suit Dual Cabs with aerodynamic design and sides cut in at top to be inline with cab.

Spartan Workman

UTE Canopy

*Only available by special order.

Spartan Workman canopy is a great option for fleet operators and tradesman to use their trucks for commercial purposes.


Elements designed to protect your cargo, tools, and equipment from all-weather elements and theft.

Locking System

3-sides opening doors with a central locking system with a single-coded master key and a separated remote control.


Manufactured from quality parts and raw material from suppliers certified by ISO9000 and ISO14001.

Durable Design

Aerodynamic design that reduces wind drag and increases vehicles fuel economy.

  • Smooth and perfect surface
  • Highest quality 3-5 layer fibreglass structure with reinforced composite.
  • 3 solid sides-opening doors with high level of angle when opening
  • Lockable with double-sided locking mechanisms on all doors
  • locking system with a separated remote control and a single-coded master key